Not All Walks Go Somewhere

The other day I had the opportunity for a very leisurely walk on a lovely afternoon.

It was totally enjoyable.  I was able to fully appreciate the beauty of the Fall colors, avoid most of the sweet gum balls, and count a bunch of acorns.

My walking companion was my 16 month old granddaughter, Addie!  And, she never misses an acorn.

I am her ‘outside’ grandma.  Her other grandma, Grammy, is better at the indoor stuff.  But when Addie sees me, she knows it’s time to put on her shoes and head outside.  Of course, we read books and sing to the teddy bears too, but we are much more fond of blowing bubbles and listening to the neighborhood dogs bark.

This is a way of walking that I highly recommend.  No hustle or bustle.  No keeping up a pace.  Just a meander.  Walking just for the sake of being in nature – and in the company of a wonderful kid.


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