A Distraction

We all need a distraction from time to time.  One of the blogs I regularly read had a recent article bemoaning the ‘good old days’ of the blogger’s life – back when s/he had time/money/youth – you pick.  Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda.  It’s always the same.

When I was reading the article, it became clear to me that what the writer needed was a distraction!  Get over all the things that are part of the past.  We were all once younger, thinner, cuter, richer, poorer.  All of us.  Certainly that younger part.

Of course, from time to time, I recognize a longing for some day or period of my past.  But not for long.  I can distract myself pretty easily.  One of the very best distractions for me is to go for a walk.  Could it be simpler?

Simple does not always mean easy.  KISS – keep it simple, stupid.  That’s a great acronym that reminds me to focus on what’s important rather than what seems urgent right now.  While I might feel that a chore or errand is important, it’s probably just urgent.  My health is important.  That’s my mental health as well as my physical well-being.

Should you find yourself stressing over what Christmas gift to buy, or where you’ll find the money to buy the Christmas gifts, how you’ll ever get the house clean for all those guests coming for dinner, or what the neighbors will think about all those leaves still clinging to the grass in the front yard, remember to take care of yourself first.

If you take a walk, I guarantee that the leaves will still be there as will your neighbor’s opinions.  Christmas is still on December 25 (every year!).  The guests will appear whether the house is cleaned or not.  The money WILL come.  I guarantee all of that.  I also guarantee you’ll feel better about all of it!


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