Monthly Archives: October 2017

And Still I Walk

My feet hurt.  My hips hurt.  Often, my shoulder hurts.  I get migraines.  I overheat pretty easily.  I have two different sleep disorders.  I have arthritis and have had two total knee replacements.  And, I’m no Spring chicken.

And, still I walk.  Why?  Because it makes everyone of the complaints in the paragraph above better.  Really!

My brother has a theory that you can’t have pain if you focus on something else as you can only think about one thing at a time.  I must be remarkably talented because I seem to be able to think of many things, all at the same time.  A book I just read may explain this difference.  According to the author’s (fictional) character, women’s minds are always busy, buzzing from one thing to another while men’s minds focus on only one thing at a time – I’m hungry, I’m horny, I’m handsome, etc.  Women would get awfully bored in that one-thought-at-a-time mind.

At any rate, I find that walking purposely for 20-60 minutes ALWAYS makes my day better.  Much of my pain is diminished.  My outlook improves.  I’m happier.

And, still I walk.  Now you know why!


Thorn Apples and Dogs Don’t Mix

Thorn Apples are very attractive.  They have a pretty flower and grow wild.  But, beware!  They are also known as Jimson Weed (will make horses crazy) and Devil’s Snare (will make the rest of us crazy).  Check the plant out here. They have a viscious barbed seed pod that is almost impossible to remove from the fur of a long-haired dog.

While walking along a creek bed in Castlewood State Park yesterday, Kris and I went to take a look at some late blooming flowers.  These were near the Thorn Apples we had identified earlier in the year.  The Thorn Apple seed pods are quite large – as much as .75 inch long and .50 inches around.  Dog friend Lizzie was with us as usual.  Nothing unusual about the walk or the company.

About an hour after our walk, my husband noticed that Lizzie was limping.  I checked it out and identified a burr in the pad of one foot.  We teamed up and attempted several times to remove the burr.  Nothing doing!  Lizzie, a very mild-mannered, good-natured dog snapped at both of us.

So, a trip to the vet was in order.  That happened this afternoon.  It didn’t take them very long to remove the burr – but it was FIVE burrs!  Poor doggie!  She does not like the vet on a good day.  This was definitely not a good day for her – except that once she was free of the burrs, she was back to her usual frisky self.

Later, we walked at Castlewood again.  On a different trail, far from those darned Thorn Apples.