What’s With The Poop Bags?

I walk with my dog most of the time.  She loves her walks and behaves nicely on park trails.  She is quite the lady in that she prefers to do her ‘business’ in her own back yard.  No park pooping for her.

Most people are responsible about the piles their dogs make.  Responsible in that they bring along a plastic bag, pick up the poop, and dispose of it properly.  All good.

What’s with the folks who pick up the poop, place it carefully in the plastic bag, and then LEAVE the bag on the trail?  Drives me zonkers!

If that’s you, please rethink this.  First, if you can’t take the plastic bag off the trail, just leave it on the ground.  The rest of us will step around it.  Left to nature, the poop will degrade in a couple days, benefitting one or more creatures in the park.  For the Love Of God, don’t you know that the plastic bag full of poop will likely be in the same state in a hundred years?

This is simple – take it off the trail to a trash can OR just leave the poop untouched on the trail.  After all, the deer, rabbits, turtles, birds, squirrels, etc ALL leave their poop in the park.  No one is any the worse for it.

I’d far rather step around poop than one of your plastic bags.  Take It or Leave It – just not in a plastic bag.

End of rant.


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