What To Do When We Don’t Want To Do Anything

We all have those days.  Either we want to remain snug in bed or we are just unmotivated to do anything – neither the necessary nor the ‘good for us’ stuff.  It happens to everyone.  Too many days like that may certainly indicate a serious problem, requiring professional help.  But, usually it’s just a short term reaction to the stresses of daily living.  We want to avoid something in particular or we want to avoid, well, everything.  We don’t feel that great.  We would just rather not.

So, what do we do on those days?  What will get us out of that funk?

Several things come to mind.  First, having a routine.  A routine is both comforting and comfortable.  We know what to expect.  We know what we need to accomplish.  If walking is part of that routine, it’s much easier to hit the bricks and get moving.

Another helpful motivating factor is having something pleasurable to look forward to.  If we enjoy walking – or some other physical activity – we come to look forward to it.  It’s a win-win.  Getting to the point that we feel that way about it may take a while.  But, it comes.  If it doesn’t come in a few weeks, find another activity for which you will develop affection.  Do yourself that favor.

Finally, if we see an activity as rewarding, we are more likely to incorporate it into our routine, look forward to doing it, and get motivated just thinking about it as we lie in that bed.  Walking is very rewarding for me.  It makes me feel better EVERY TIME.  It is beneficial whether it’s with a friend, becoming a social activity, or a solitary endeavor, in which case it become spiritual for me.  Both of those scenarios are rewarding.

There is the occasional day where my walk is just another chore to put behind me.  Even when I feel that way, it take only a few minutes of walking before my mindset changes.  Try going for a brisk walk and see if you can FORCE YOURSELF not to feel better!  Betcha’ can’t.


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