Is It Work Or Play?

Is walking for exercise every day work or play?  Is it fun or torture?  Is it necessary or frivolous?  Is it a worthy activity or not worth the time?

For me, the answers are easy.  It is both work and play.  It is usually fun but sometimes torture.  It is almost never frivolous but always necessary.  It is definitely a worthy activity.

Both work and play?  Not play because without a walk every day, I will not sleep at night.  Without a daily walk, my emotions are less likely to be balanced.  So, I look forward to my walks and like to think of them as play.  Some days, however, it is really work!  Days when it’s 100 degrees outside, a walk is more work than play.  A walk at the mall is more work than play.  A walk in the woods is always more play than work, even in unpleasant weather.

Torture?  Only when the path is rocky, very hilly, and it’s really hot out.  Those days a walk can be something of a torture.  But, i get through it because the payoff is always there for me.  I will sleep better, feel better, move better.

Necessary?  Yes, for the aforementioned reasons.  It’s not always easy to find the time in a busy day to hit the bricks.  There are ALWAYS a dozen other things yelling to be taken care of first.  This is when I must determine what’s important or merely urgent.  The laundry will wait.  Dinner will get cooked.  Bills will find themselves paid.  But, no one is going to get that walk done for me but me.

It’s really difficult for me to keep my head on straight without that daily exercise – the raising of the heart rate, the churning out of the sweat, the release of all those wonderful endorphins.

My final question above now answers itself.  Walking (and other forms of enjoyable physical activity) are worth my time.  Walking has great value in my life.  I don’t foresee ever giving it up.


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