You Got Cable, You Got Tunes

If you have cable TV (with Charter/Spectrum in the St. Louis area), you have access to a huge amount of free tunes.  While you might not want to use your TV to listen to adult contemporary countryregaerap, it’s a nice feature when the weather is not cooperating with your walking regime.  No speaker to hook up.  No CD to find.

My TV remote offers almost 1000 channels.  I have no idea what is showing on most of them as I have no premium channels and can only watch so much news/cooking/antiquesroadshow.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover the many channels that are music only.

Every genre of music.  Any genre of music.  Anytime I need it.

So when it’s monsoon season, ice season, dark of night, or steam sauna central, I have one more tool to keep me from derailing my walks.  I choose a genre that is upbeat and will help me want to move.  Then, I go for it!  With what must look to an outside observer as an ‘interesting’ mixture of walking and linedancing.

Three steps up and kick.  Three steps back and touch.  Three steps to the side and clap.  Rinse, repeat for at least twenty minutes.  This is definitely ‘dance like nobody’s watching’.  No one but the dog.


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