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Rockwood Reservation

spring at rockwood 0815

This lovely little spring is near the main road at Rockwood Reservation in St. Louis County not too far from my home.  This lovely park is full of trails to walk amid dense woods, gentle streams, and rocky hills.  It was once the location of a variety of things – ammunition production and storage in huge concrete bunkers as well as kilns used to produce bricks.  Now, it’s mostly used by hikers and bikers and for picnics.  It’s only about 25 miles west of the St. Louis Arch.  When you’re there, it’s hard to believe that you are only a couple miles from a major interstate highway and Six Flags as well as numerous houses and businesses.  Nearby is a fun tiny train that runs in the village of Glencoe, carrying kids and their adults on several miles of track overlooking the lazy Meramec River.

My friend Kris and I walk at Glencoe often.  We have walked at Rockwood several times but the trails are a bit hazardous for us, especially with the dog who may decide to take a slightly different route than me and topple me down a hillside.  But, in our last trip there, we discovered this lovely spring.  My mom loves the sound of running water, so I knew I had to show her this tiny treasure.

Mom is almost 93 years old and lives independently.  On Easter this year, she fell and broke her hip.  The next day she had a hip replacement.  Only a couple of weeks later, she was back to her normal schedule, albeit with a walker now since she has some problems with dizziness.  Still, she walks every day!  She takes only one regular medication, loves the St. Louis Cardinals, and keeps her candy jar full of chocolate for visiting family.

Since there is no parking near this spring, I knew it would take more than one of me to get mom to it.  No walkers allowed on roadside trails!  So, my good friend Kris (who took these pictures) kindly agreed to join us on this outing to be my mom’s other daughter.  Off we went.  Pulled over to the side of the road.  Got mom out on my arm and slowly walked over the grassy, rocky, uneven ground to the nice bench (a bit high) next to the spring.  Helped mom up onto the bench.  And, enjoyed the lovely morning.

mom and me at spring 0815

In case you can’t tell, I’m the one in the shorts!  Mom and I are the same height but her feet wouldn’t reach the ground.  Kinda looks like a 5 year old with her feet dangling!

Mom loved the peaceful setting and the gentle sound of the water bubbling up from the rock face behind us into the little pool.  There was a lot of watercress in the cold water and a few unknown creatures in addition tot he water striders.  We think they were crawdads (crayfish) or tadpoles.  They were very active but teeny, tiny.

We enjoyed the site for a while as Kris left her shoes by the bench and waded around in the cold, cold water.  After a while, we had to get mom back for lunch.  Kris got the car turned around, we loaded mom in, and off we went – back to normalcy, boredom, our regular lives.  This brief visit was a joy!