While I Was Away ……

walk indian paintbrush 0615

Yes, I’ve been walking.  I just haven’t been writing about it.  On Easter, my mom, the Queen Of Walking, at age 92, fell off a chair and broke her hip.  It’s been a long journey with her back to independence.  She has amazed her physical therapists, doctors, and everyone who has helped on this journey.  In the rehab hospital, she was likely the eldest patient and one of the few with genuine potential to return to an independent life.  Why?  Well, good genes – and a great walk ethic.  She still walks every day and was held back only because of hospitalization and severe fatigue after general anesthesia and her hip replacement.  She’s downright remarkable!

But, no, I haven’t been napping.  In addition to helping her in a variety of ways that only a daughter can, I’ve kept to a pretty rigorous walking schedule thanks to my walking buddies.  We have suffered from so few rain-free days.  Even on the days with no rain, the trails we prefer to walk amidst the woods are just too wet to maneuver.  This past week has been about the best in a month.

walk carnation 0615

Kris and I have walked pretty regularly at Emmeneggar Park despite the weather.  The good drainage there and the well maintained trails have drawn us back repeatedly.  Also, the lack of bikes!  We took a rugged, uphill trail a couple days ago and were rewarded with the site of these lovely flowers that Kris took pictures of.  I had heard of Indian Paintbrush but had never realized why it earned its name.  The color is so vibrant!  And, the lilac flowers, slightly different than those we’ve seen before, turned out to be a carnation variant.  Who knew?

I’m not much of a gardener but I do love the color that nature so freely and generously shares with us.  These beauties are great rewards for hitting the trails.  We also saw 4 deer atop the same ridge as these pretty flowers.  That marks the first time we have seen deer in this park!  We’ve seen there footprints in the mud but never the animals themselves.  This time we were not walking with my dog which may account for the presence of the deer.  They were not afraid of us and took a leisurely walk away from us.  One wonders though.  Just the day before, a deer could be seen feasting on my neighbor’s hostas in the front yard in the middle of the afternoon!  I love deer – unless I’m driving and I see them on the road.  No close encounters of the car vs. deer type for me, thank you!


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