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If You Start Now…….

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So, we can take a step each day toward goals we establish – not those cast upon us by others.  We all must complete our jobs, our chores, and the other necessities of life.  But for most of us, there are at least a few minutes most days we can devote to ourselves, to moving forward, to creating

One person, two hands, two feet, one brain.  That’s all it takes to make something wonderful.  The article I’m linking here is not about walking, but you’ll see how it applies to what we each can do in our lives the progress we can make, the beauty we can create, the satisfaction we can attain.

So, if we start today, and continue most days toward a goal, the results are inevitable.  The same is true if we continue to sit on the sofa and watch Jerry Springer.  No progress will be made toward anything positive – except lining Jerry Springer’s pockets with more money.  I’m much more interested in doing things that benefit me and my family rather than the likes of Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, or even Oprah.  Real life is far more satisfying, stimulating, and well, real, than the passive life one might live in front of a TV or computer.


Little By Little, Learning To Climb

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If you can’t climb a mountain, then
climb a hill,
That’s much better than
standing still,

I saw this line of poetry and it grabbed my attention.  It’s exactly my philosophy for getting moving.  I’ve written about this many times (check my old blog for earlier articles).  No one climbs Mt Everest on the first try with no practice!  Even the most experienced of hikers and mountain climbers must prepare, push through, and increase strength, technique, and endurance to attain a goal.  So that’s it.  This little poem pretty much says it all.  Below is the entire poem.

Inch by inch,
Day by day,
Step by step,
All the way,

Piece by piece,
Bit by bit,
Little by little you’re there!

If you can’t climb a mountain, then
climb a hill,
That’s much better than
standing still,

There’s a way if you’ve the will,
And little by little you’re there!
If you can’t swim an ocean, then ford a stream!
Just “remodel” your basic scheme;

Don’t give up till you reach your dream,
And little by little you’re there!
Good things that are here to stay don’t get done in just one day.

Once you start you’re on your way, so keep on going.
If you can’t make a million, don’t draw a blank!
Just keep filling your piggy bank!

You’ll have only yourself to thank,
When little by little you’re there!

Every rose was once a bud,
One small raindrop starts a flood,
Acorns planted in the mud will grow you know!

If you can’t walk a mile, take one long stride,
Move along with a sense of pride,
Step by step till your satisfied
And little by little you’re there!

By Natalie Sleeth

I Did It Today!

walk st louis arch 0215

We got 7 inches of snow at my house in about 12 hours, beginning about 2 PM on February 28.  I was supposed to help with a Casino Night for a youth group and was relieved when it was cancelled.  My husband had the flu and his car wouldn’t start and had been sitting at his work place overnight.  A friend drove me to it and another friend showed up to help sort out what the problem with the car was.  A wonderful fireman from next door drove over with his own car and his jumper cables to help us get the car started.  An hour and a half later, I was able to drive the car home.  But, that left no time to head to the mall to walk.  Rats!  Knew I wouldn’t sleep well that night.

So, I turned on Family Feud which is always entertaining if not a bit silly and began walking in front of my TV.  I made a deal with myself to walk for the entire 30 minutes of Family Feud.  Got interrupted in the middle of my ‘walk’ but then got back to it and added a few minutes to be sure I got in at least 30 minutes.  It worked!  I slept well that night.  No leg cramps – the kind I get on the nights I haven’t walked during the day.  Even when I’m sick.  No kidding.  How fair is that?  But, I do know that if I do the work (walking), I won’t have the leg cramps.

The next day was a Winter Wonderland so long as I stayed inside.  But, I had to go out and clean off the cars and try to hook up my husband’s car to the trickle down charger so he could get to work the next day.  Later, we decided that poor hubby was going to take his first sick day in many, many years.  But, I got both cars cleared of their load of snow, enjoyed the little girls next door sledding down their hill and across my driveway, and took note of the fact that my street had been cleaned down to the pavement.  Hmmm.  Can I get to the mall to walk?  Probably not.  Sick husband and sick cars.  But, a friend called, saying the roads were all clear as she had just returned from the airport.  We agreed to meet at the mall in 30 minutes.  Joy!  An outing.  And a good walk to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Walking at the mall is not my ideal but it’s more interesting than walking in front of the TV.  Once the snow melts and the trails dry out, I’ll be trekking through the woods.  Now, that’s walking!